Over the past year and a half, organizations around the world have been forced to upgrade their digital systems to meet the new demands of living and working with COVID-19. In the healthcare sector, this has meant creating better and faster ways to help patients and doctors schedule appointments.

The way in which healthcare is scheduled is changing. Gone are the days where a patient may have access to a single healthcare center. Online marketplaces have started to appear which allow patients to book the healthcare that they need at the times they need, with the healthcare professionals that have the skills that they need.

While technology has transformed almost every industry on the planet in the last few years, nowhere is this transformation quite as obvious or as apparent — or as useful — as in the world of healthcare.

Discover how new technologies arehaving a positive impact on healthcare management, much to the benefit of both patients and professionals.

Over 90% of software development jobs can be accomplished remotely. In this post we go over the best practices of making it possible.

Working from home and working remotely as a software developer can be an adjustment for even the most independent person. If you’re used to a commute and then going to a physical office, starting a new rhythm can be tough to start.

It’s still a bit early to understand all of the many ways that the pandemic has affected our lives. One thing is certain, however, and that’s the fact that working from home isn’t going anywhere.

Ilya Nevolin

Appointment Scheduling API and Calendar Management Solutions for Startups & Enterprises

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