Savvy and Strategic Businesses Are Implementing ChatBots in Their Operations to improve efficiency, productivity, and reputation. What makes ChatBots so special? Why are businesses looking to leverage them as quickly as possible today? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out!

While people have been predicting that robots were going to take over the human workforce for decades, few (if any) assumed that the “initial wave” in this hostile takeover would be in the form of ChatBots that exist almost entirely online!

On top of that, most wouldn’t have guessed that entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t just eager and excited…

At first blush, implementing scheduling functionality in your application or website looks like it would be the simplest thing in the world to pull off. After all, the actual process for using most scheduling solutions is pretty much as “point and click” as it gets — with new appointments and events scheduled in about 15 seconds or less.

Common Scheduling API Roadblocks Developers Need to Overcome

Beneath the surface of that super user-friendly experience, however, is something far more complex.

Most businesses think of scheduling like the Spurwing API as more of a calendar management solution than anything else, and it’s easy to understand why.

Right out of the box, the Spurwing API is definitely designed to help streamline calendar management, optimize appointment scheduling, and generally overhaul and improve the overall calendar workflow of businesses large and small.

At the same time, though, calendar management barely begins to scratch the surface of everything that the Spurwing API is capable of.

So Much More Than Just Calendar Management

The sudden emergence of the API economy has been fascinating to watch.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have been a big part of the application development world for as long as applications have been around, but they’ve never been quite as valuable (monetarily, anyway) as they are today.

2020 was a year of great transformation across most every industry, but especially winthin the medical industry.

Traditional clinics and medical facilities moved aggressively into telehealth solutions, pushing forward a lot of amazing innovation but also bumping into a considerable amount of obstacles they hadn’t yet faced.

One of those obstacles was finding a way to maintain full HIPAA compliance with their scheduling. The three components of HIPAA security rule compliance: administrative, physical security, and technical security.

Thankfully though, a lot of clinics have found their way to the Spurwing Scheduling API platform (built from the ground up with HIPAA…

A lot of Dev Shops and Engineering teams spend countless hours and resources on building custom calendar scheduling and booking systems. This is a complicated process, highly inefficient, and a preventable bad investment. Several Scheduling API services already exist that have all the features you need, Spurwing is one of the top key players on the market. Stop reinventing the wheel and start delivering quicker and better products & services.

A proper scheduling system is very important, especially with the rapid rise of Work from home and Remote work trend. Employees, teams and clients are usually spread all across different…

QR codes allow us to embed/encode information as an image, which we all know as this large square filled with smaller black and white squares. The science and math behind QR codes isn’t very easy, but there are a ton of articles and videos on YouTube that explain the process.

Discord has for many years been popular in the gaming community. But due to the explosion of Remote Work and Work From Home opportunities, it’s strongly competing in the business world with tools like Slack, Google and Zoom.

YouTube Demo:

Appointment scheduling tools hold many benefits for businesses that depend on meetings between clients and providers. Scheduling tools that offer customization bring much more to the table, though.

Remote Work and Work From Home is here to stay. Even post-pandemic the majority of office workers are in favor of a hybrid of fully remote setting. This also means we need to use better & smarter tools to be more productive and efficient.

Today we release our Free and Improved Appointment Scheduling Tool for international and remote teams. This software is inspired by online tools like Doodle, which allow team members to indicate their availability. The results can be monitored in real-time and show all overlapping dates and times where all users can attend.

Live demo:

Ilya Nevolin

Appointment Scheduling API and Calendar Management Solutions for Startups & Enterprises

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