Calendar Management API for Healthcare

The way in which healthcare is scheduled is changing. Gone are the days where a patient may have access to a single healthcare center. Online marketplaces have started to appear which allow patients to book the healthcare that they need at the times they need, with the healthcare professionals that have the skills that they need.

Ilya Nevolin
5 min readJul 23, 2021


Online healthcare marketplaces allow medical practitioners to tell patients exactly when they are available. This can make them highly convenient for patients that may not be able to attend a medical center during their standard working hours or medical practitioners that are looking to pick up work around a slightly more flexible schedule.

Online marketplaces have increased the speed of diagnosis and treatment for many people. Some have been able to attend medical centers at times that are much more convenient to them. This has allowed them to seek far more timely healthcare, which can reduce treatment length or symptoms.

Calendar syncing, where all patients will have instant access to up-to-date availability for their healthcare practitioners has the ability to revolutionize these online healthcare marketplaces.

The Benefit for Patients

Healthcare marketplaces have already boosted the patient’s ability to access the treatment that they need. It has allowed them to find healthcare experts that are available at times suited to the patient’s schedule. It has allowed patients to no longer feel as if they are tied to a specific medical center or professional in order to have their medical ailments dealt with.

Traditionally, these online medical marketplaces were designed as a way that patients could discover new healthcare experts. However, calendar syncing has started to change that up.

If a team of software engineers incorporates calendar syncing into their online healthcare marketplaces, it will allow patients to quickly find healthcare professionals that have space to fit them into their schedules. There is no need for a patient to get in touch with countless professionals in a bid to see availability. They will be able to find somebody at a glance.

Automated calendar updating means that patients will always be able to see when they have made a booking. The right system will allow them to block book with their healthcare professionals. This is important for ongoing care.

The result will be a patient that can get the help they need whenever they need it. Completely headache-free, and tailored to their schedule. With a healthcare marketplace that utilizes systems built around the Spurwing’s Scheduling API, patients will finally be able to take control of their appointments.

Benefits for healthcare practitioners

A lot of healthcare practitioners are starting to turn to online healthcare marketplaces. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that it enables them to take control of their schedule. A lot of healthcare professionals no longer want to be tied down to the non-stop working environment. They want to build their work around their life. They don’t want to build their life around their work. The right healthcare marketplaces will enable them to set their working hours and ensure that they only work when they want to work.

Healthcare marketplaces can also introduce healthcare practitioners to a greater number of patients. They are essentially a form of marketing. Marketplaces will allow healthcare practitioners to add new patients to their books, or create a separate line of work.

Having calendar sync developed into the healthcare marketplace will enable healthcare practitioners to stay on top of their schedules. It will provide them with a bit more flexibility with their work. They can easily add working hours if they find some spare time. They can easily take working hours away if they are feeling a little bit burned out from their work. All of these changes will be instantly reflected in the healthcare marketplace.

The Benefit for the Marketplace

Since many healthcare marketplaces have yet to introduce calendar syncing, it is an extra unique selling point for the healthcare marketplaces that do. it makes things a little bit more convenient for both patients and healthcare practitioners. This means that they are much more likely to sign-up to the platform. This means that the healthcare marketplace can make more money and extend its reach.

Realtime updates of the calendar system ensure that cancellations are kept to a minimum. It means that healthcare marketplaces do not have to field calls for double-booked appointments because the system didn’t update quickly enough. It means that the marketplace needs to employ less support staff to communicate with their site users. It allows the marketplace to keep the system ticking over properly.

Final Word

The incorporation of automatic calendar syncing into a healthcare marketplace can completely revolutionize the platform. It makes the lives of the patient, healthcare professional, and marketplace a lot easier. It ensures that patients can always find appointments for the times they need. It allows healthcare professionals to highlight the hours that they are available and fill up their schedules. It allows marketplaces to extend their reach and make more money.

The scheduling API developed by Spurwing can easily be incorporated into existing healthcare marketplace systems. To find out more about how our API works, get in touch with us today.



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